The Team


N Compass Cinema specializes in Videography and Makeup. We love doing special events and/or your big wedding day and enjoying it with family and friends for years to come. We're not your average videographers that plop our cameras on a tripod, press record and pan left and right. We get that everlasting moment that you can cherish over and over, that moment where it's only one take and no re-do's...


N Compass Cinema is Rene AbalosNicole Abalos and Jardy Santiago and we'd love to capture your moment.



Hi I'm Rene Abalos better known as NayTron. I'm a professional B-boy (Breakdancer) and an aspiring film maker. I'm also a father of three amazing children and a husband to my loveys Nicole Abalos. By watching our films you probably think I've taken a ton of film classes but in reality I've taken zero. I've always been into film ever since I started dancing 17 years ago and figured out I had that eye for it early on. Now I'm here today capturing your big day for you to relive it for years to come. 


Hi everyone! A little about me: I love "love", a Libra (and proud of it!), indecisive (hence, the Libra), a sweet tooth, avid shopper, baker extraordinaire, food enthusiast, aspiring jet-setter, spelling Nazi, earnest yogi, full time mommy, RN, makeup artist, and second shooter to my husband Rene Abalos! Whew!

What this really means is that on your big day I could possibly make cake pops for your guests, spellcheck your programs, beautify your bridal party and bride, entertain your flower girls and ring bearer, perform CPR if needed, and capture every special moment, all the while maintaining a peaceful state of mind! Om.


Hey there! I'm Jardy. As part of N Compass Cinema, my main purpose is to capture your special moments through videography. Outside the team, I'm also a professional photographer and company owner specializing in online dance lessons. Art is my life, not just my occupation. I enjoy the work I do with N Compass Cinema - we have chemistry that's unmatched by any other company, and it shows in our work. You'll want the best talent to preserve your memories forever - why choose anyone else?